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Dec 2020 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class

Programme Summary Date:       7 Dec - 10 Dec 2020 (Mon - Thu) or…

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Dec 2020 Chinese Head Start Programme

Dec 2020 Chinese Head Start Programme Programme Summary Date:       7 Dec - 18…

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Dec 2020 Mandarin Camp – Tales of the Flying House

Who:   5 year old - 12 year old children Date:   7-11 Dec &/or…

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Fun with Chinese #3 众

The last of our 人 series! We’ve seen 人 (rén) as a single person, combined…

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HUA Language Centre – Chinese Enrichment Courses


Our Programmes


Without the right environment and techniques, Chinese may seem like a formidable language to learn.

Hua will help you fulfil your aims for learning Chinese – be it to build a sturdy Chinese language foundation, to conquer your Chinese exams in school or to make yourself “China ready”.

Whether you are an 18-month-old toddler or a 16-year-old teenager, we will accompany you on your Chinese learning journey!

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