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Since 1992, Huá has accompanied thousands of children on their Chinese learning journey.

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Hua Language Centre provides various Chinese language programmes for students of different ages.

We aim to inspire and engage the students in learning Chinese in a fun and unique ways, to master their Chinese language skills.

Curriculum by Expert

Understanding Brain Science is important because if you understand how a child’s brain learns, you can optimize your curriculum for their absorption, to achieve desire result.

Teaching Quality

It is no secret that learning is optimized when it is enjoyable. Understanding child psychology helps you understand how to motivate children to learn. Our curriculum makes learning fun by incorporating activities that motivate children to learn. In this way, having a fun curriculum does not affect the effectiveness of our programmes.

Motivated Learners

Mr Chew was a specialist inspector for Chinese language at the ministry of education. During his time there, he was involved in setting Chinese exam papers and was the chief marker for some Chinese exam papers. This gives him valuable insights into how examiners think. Our curriculum leverages these insights to teach our students to study smart for their Chinese exams..

Chinese Enrichment Courses

From 18 month old toddlers to 16 year old teenagers, we have a suitable programme for each age group!

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Huá is conveniently located in 4 shopping malls around the island – United Square (Novena), Parkway Parade (Marine Parade), Greenwich V (Seletar) and Causeway Point (Woodlands).

Hear from our Students and Parents

My son enjoys his Chinese classes at Hua even though he does not come from a Chinese background.

He has learnt to be more confident in both written and spoken Chinese since he joined from the past 4 years.

The teachers and faculty at Hua continue to support and motivate him to excel, they also provide constant feedback on his areas of improvement for him to be able to continuously improve.

Hua has a very well structured curriculum which gives him a good framework and helps him easier to follow what is being taught in school.


Mother of Atiksh Vikram

Huá has been a God-send. My husband and I don’t have any live-in help at home so it is such a relief to know that both our children’s love and grasp of the Chinese language is being nurtured and encouraged in the best environment. Teachers really love and care for the children and my kids always come home happily from class and never have any trouble in school because Huá’s curriculum prepares them well, without too much pressure / homework. We are so thankful for Hua!

Mother of Oliver & Dylan

Our children have been attending Hua Language Centre since 18 months old and they have benefitted so much! Hua Language teachers are well trained and dedicated, so the children love attending classes. Both the curriculum and educational pedagogy are effective and meaningful, such that my children have language mastery in spite of being in a predominantly English linguistic environment. As language is a window to culture, Hua Language has opened a whole new world for my children in terms of heritage and important values. We cannot be more grateful for that!

Parents of Jacob & Christopher Sia

我到华语文中心上课前 , 在新加坡学校的小二年中考试时华文成绩不及格了!那时,我真的无法应付华文,甚至十分讨厌华文课。我来自澳洲,华文程度不太好,过去一直认为学华文是没用的。我第一次来到华时,其实我很害怕,觉得同学的华文成绩一定很好,他们一定会嘲笑我。我最大的问题是不了解老师说什么!可是,我上了几次华语文中心的课以后,就不再担心了。因为我那时的老师性格很温柔,我无法理解她的说话时,她就会英文给我解释。一年,两年,三年很快过去了。我的华文试卷从十七分提升到了八十五分。小六会考来临时,我非常紧张。但是,我考到了AL1,对华语文中心,我真的很感恩。

Kezia Sin, Secondary 1 student

My 2 children started attending lessons at Hua Language Centre since they were in preschool, right up to their O Levels. They literally grew up with the Centre.

I was confident to entrust my children with Hua, knowing that the teachers would do their utmost best to help them achieve excellent results in school. The materials provided by Hua are also of high standard. And over all those years, I have seen the commitment, dedicated effort and care of the teachers so much so that my children both scored A* in their PSLE Higher Chinese and As in their O Level exams. This to me was very significant since we do not speak Chinese at home.

From my children’s excellent performance in their National exams, I am grateful to Hua Language Centre. I strongly recommend Hua Language Centre to all pupils willing to work hard and grow with the teachers at the Centre to improve their Chinese Language.

Mother of David & Emily Yeo
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