2024 June Holidays Chinese Immersion Camp – Songs of the Sea
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Children aged 5-10 years old (K1 - P4 students)


3 – 7 Jun &/or 10 – 14 Jun 2024 (Mon-Fri)


9 am – 4:30 pm daily


All Huá Locations

Chinese Immersion Camp -《海底世界游游游》Songs of the Sea

Did you know that an octopus has 9 brains, one central brain and eight mini brains that each control one arm or leg? Fascinating, isn’t it?

This June holiday, join us for our full day immersion camp as we dive in and explore themes related to the ocean like global warming, why and how to keep our oceans clean and interesting fun facts about other ocean creatures like the octopus.

Children will be split into their various levels in school for 2-hour Head Start Chinese classes in the morning, followed by lunch. After lunch, complete crafts, quizzes and challenges while picking up knowledge and vocabulary related to the ocean that may come in handy for Oral exams!

Children can choose to come for the 1st, 2nd or both weeks of the camp. Approach our friendly reception team for the detailed itineraries of each week!

Spaces are limited, and we’d love to help your child secure his/her place in this popular programme.  You can pass us your details through this form, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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