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Coronavirus Measures

Coronavirus Measures

Coronavirus Measures & Updates

(updated 5 Feb 2020)

Dear parents,

We will follow all of MOE’s directives in dealing with the Coronavirus. When our classes resume on 31 Jan (Fri), we will implement the following:

1) Temperature measurement at Hua entrance

A station will be set up at our entrance to measure the temperatures of everyone who enters our centres. Please come for class at least 15 minutes before your class starts to accomodate this additional process. We ask that parents do not enter our centres during this period of heightened security.

Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher will not be allowed to enter Hua. A sticker with the measured temperature will be given to all children who clear the check. Their teacher will then record this temperature in our attendance sheets.

All our staff’s temperature will be measured and recorded twice a day – once when they come in for work and once after lunch.

Update (8 Feb) – Following the change of Singapore DORSCON status from Yellow to Orange on 7 Feb, we will

2) 14-day Leave of Absence for all staff and students who have been to China since 16 Jan (Thu)

Hua had 3 staff members (2 of which are teachers) who went to mainland China during our one week break. None of them were in Hubei or Zhejiang province. They have all been place on a 14-day Leave of Absence (LoA) starting from the day they landed back in Singapore.

Likewise, all students who have been to mainland China since 16 Jan (Thu) have to be on a 14-day LoA as instructed by MOE. Please inform us if your child has been to mainland China and is affected by this LoA.

3) Compulsory Travel & Exposure Declaration Form

Hua also has one teacher whose family member came back from mainland China after 16 Jan (Thu). The family member did not return from Hubei or Zhejiang province. We have placed the teacher on a 14-day LoA although this has not been mandated by MOE, and will do so for all teachers who have family members returning from mainland China after 16 Jan (Thu).

We have emailed all parents a Travel & Exposure Declaration form to collect travel & exposure information for Hua’s student body. Please fill up this form immediately before your child’s next class. If you have not received the email, please call our reception desk and we will re-send one to you. This declaration form was drafted by a medical doctor we consulted and is meant to cast a wide net for screening purposes.

4) Sick children

We also seek all parents’ co-operation to keep your child at home if he/she is sick. We apologise in advance if we deny your child entry into Hua if they are sniffling, coughing or have a runny nose. We will allow your child entry if you have a letter by a doctor stating that your child has a non-infectious cause of their symptoms.

The above measures will be in place until 16 Feb (Sun). We will keep abreast of any announcements from the Ministry of Education and re-assess the measures when more information about the Coronavirus comes to light over the coming weeks.

Let’s work together to stay safe & healthy!

Best Regards,
Hua Language Centre

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