Jun 2022 Chinese Head Start Programme – Speak Mandarin Daily
Past Programmmes

K1 – P5 students


6 Jun – 10 Jun &/or 13 Jun – 17 Jun 2022 (Mon-Fri)


10 am – 12 pm daily


United Square & Causeway Point

《高人一等》- Speak Mandarin Daily!

Being exposed to Mandarin every day can work wonders for your child! Make use of the June holidays to send your child to Huá to Speak Mandarin each day, and learn ahead for the next school term. We have classes for children from Kindergarten 1 up to Primary 5.

Parents who have sent their children for this programme attest to how effective showing up regularly each day to Speak Mandarin gives their children a level of confidence that they’ve never had previously. It also helps them to consolidate and reinforce the new vocabulary learnt during the school term.

Fret not, this will not feel like tuition. We promise that the lessons will be delivered in an interesting fashion such that learning occurs by osmosis!

Reach out to our friendly reception team to find out more, or explore this link for more details about this programme.

Spaces are limited, and we’d love to help your child secure his/her place in this popular class. You can also pass us your details through this form, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

《高人一等》- Speak Mandarin Daily!

Established in 1992, Hua Language Centre is Singapore’s Leading Chinese Enrichment and Tuition Centre.

We offer a wide range of Chinese programmes and classes that cater to your child’s various Mandarin needs. For close to 30 years, Hua Language centre has developed and refined our own unique curriculum – we make the learning of Chinese fun and effective at the same time, through an understanding of brain science, child psychology, Chinese linguistics and exam-taking strategies.

Our Curriculum Director’s passion for Chinese and desire to help children master this increasingly useful language has driven Hua Language Centre to perfect our craft as your child’s partner in his or her Mandarin Language journey.