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Read more about our current affairs and upcoming programs. We have bite-sized Mandarin classes for those who want a quick read. Do have a browse, and do let us know if there is anything you would like us to write on.

2020 Sep Chinese PSLE Preparatory Course Bootcamp
PSLE Chinese Exam Prep Bootcamp
Hanyu Pinyin Programme
PSLE Paper 3 Exam Prep – Listening, Oral & Compo Class
Fun with Chinese #3 众
Fun with Chinese #2 从
Fun with Chinese #1 人
May 2020 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class (ZOOM Edition)
May Holiday Chinese Head Start & Oral Programme
Coronavirus Measures
Chinese New Year 2020 Closure Dates
April 2020 – Monster Hunt Mandarin Camp (International Edition)
Nov / Dec 2019 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
Nov 2019 Immersion Camp – The Magical Laboratory
Nov 2019 Mandarin Camp – Monster Hunt
June 2019 PSLE Exam Prep – Listening, Oral & Composition Class
June 2019 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
June 2019 Chinese Head Start Programme
June 2019 Immersion Camp – Ready… Jetset… GO!
June 2019 Mandarin Camp – The Secret Kingdom
March Holiday 2019 Oral & Composition Class
April 2019 Mandarin Camp – Paradise Island (for International School Students)
Chinese New Year 2019 Closure Dates
Nov 2018 Mandarin Camp – Mr Snowman’s Christmas
Nov 2018 Immersion Camp – When I Grow Up
Nov / Dec 2018 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
Nov / Dec 2018 Chinese Head Start Programme
June 2018 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
June 2018 Mandarin Camp – Into The Woods
June 2018 Immersion Camp – Hey Presto!
June 2018 Chinese Head Start Programme
Hua Recommended Chinese Collection at Owl Readers Club
Hua @ SuperKids Me! 2018
Chinese New Year 2018 Closure Dates
Hua is Now in the East!
Nov / Dec 2017 Chinese Head Start Programme
Nov 2017 Immersion Camp – Foodies Unite!
Nov 2017 Mandarin Camp – Paradise Adventure!
Aug 2017 Adult Mandarin Conversational Course
Aug 2017 Hanyu Pinyin Course
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