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Read more about our current affairs and upcoming programs. We have bite-sized Mandarin classes for those who want a quick read. Do have a browse, and do let us know if there is anything you would like us to write on.

Hanyu Pinyin Programme
PSLE Paper 3 Exam Prep – Listening, Oral & Compo Class
Fun with Chinese #3 众
Fun with Chinese #2 从
Fun with Chinese #1 人
May 2020 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class (ZOOM Edition)
May Holiday Chinese Head Start & Oral Programme
Coronavirus Measures
Chinese New Year 2020 Closure Dates
April 2020 – Monster Hunt Mandarin Camp (International Edition)
Nov / Dec 2019 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
Nov 2019 Immersion Camp – The Magical Laboratory
Nov 2019 Mandarin Camp – Monster Hunt
June 2019 PSLE Exam Prep – Listening, Oral & Composition Class
June 2019 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
June 2019 Chinese Head Start Programme
June 2019 Immersion Camp – Ready… Jetset… GO!
June 2019 Mandarin Camp – The Secret Kingdom
March Holiday 2019 Oral & Composition Class
April 2019 Mandarin Camp – Paradise Island (for International School Students)
Chinese New Year 2019 Closure Dates
Nov 2018 Mandarin Camp – Mr Snowman’s Christmas
Nov 2018 Immersion Camp – When I Grow Up
Nov / Dec 2018 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
Nov / Dec 2018 Chinese Head Start Programme
June 2018 Hanyu Pinyin Master Class
June 2018 Mandarin Camp – Into The Woods
June 2018 Immersion Camp – Hey Presto!
June 2018 Chinese Head Start Programme
Hua Recommended Chinese Collection at Owl Readers Club
Hua @ SuperKids Me! 2018
Chinese New Year 2018 Closure Dates
Hua is Now in the East!
Nov / Dec 2017 Chinese Head Start Programme
Nov 2017 Immersion Camp – Foodies Unite!
Nov 2017 Mandarin Camp – Paradise Adventure!
Aug 2017 Adult Mandarin Conversational Course
Aug 2017 Hanyu Pinyin Course
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