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Nov 2023 The Art Of Ink And Stone Camp By MCC International

Nov 2023 The Art of Ink and Stone Camp by MCC International

Who:   Children aged 10 – 14 years old (age in 2023)
Date:   25 & 26 Nov 2023 (Sat & Sun)
Time:   9.30 am – 4.30 pm daily
Venue:   Huá @ United Square (#03-25/26)


《探索水墨与石头:中国传统文化之旅》– The Art of Ink & Stone: A Journey Through Chinese Traditions

This programme will focus on 4 main Chinese traditions: Calligraphy, Ink rubbing, Seal carving and Brush painting. Through hands-on learning and understanding about their historical origins, students will get to gain insight and appreciate the beauty of Chinese arts.

In this two-day workshop, we will guide everyone in exploring the tools and materials of Chinese ancient art in a light-hearted and enjoyable way. Students will learn to write their own names and words using a calligraphy brush, carve their own zodiac or surname seals, practise ink rubbing techniques to create exquisite artworks from tiles. Combining all the above learning, they will create a final piece of colourful artwork through Chinese brush paintings.

Ready to try this Chinese calligraphy experience? Enrol now by passing us your details through this form, and learn more about Chinese culture!

This programme is brought to you by MCC International, a representative of Xiao Pang Ge Ge. Find out more about MCC International and how it has collaborated with Hua Language Centre below!

《探索水墨与石头:中国传统艺术之旅》将从四大主题:书法、传拓、篆刻和彩墨画,让同学 们领略中华传统艺术之美,透过了解它的发展源由,来体会东方艺术的审美。

本次两日的工作坊中,我们将精简丰富的内容,四个主题前后贯穿,以轻松有趣的方式,带领 大家一起探索古老艺术的器具材料,学习用毛笔写出自己的姓名及作品,刻制自己专属的生肖 或姓氏图章等。活动中更是让学生尝试传拓技艺,将砖瓦上的图腾文字制作成精美的拓片作 品。随后更结合拓片、印章、书法等,以水、墨、颜料等进行彩墨画作品的创作。


About MCC International

MCC International is in the business of bringing quality edutainment content and experiences to enrich the community. Our very own IP character Xiao Pang Ge Ge has been an advocate for Chinese learning and has produced more than 90 idiom videos that are used across more than 130 primary schools as learning resources. We have been working with government agencies like MOE, Speak Mandarin Campaign and LKY Fund for Bilingualism to create engaging content and events for children from pre-school, primary school to junior college.

Together with Huá, MCC has produced a series of videos as additional resources for Primary school oral examinations. We have also produced a nursery rhyme and sing-and-dance video “笔画运动”to inculcate the learning of the basic Chinese character strokes in a fun and engaging way!



About Hua Language Centre

Established in 1992, Hua Language Centre is Singapore’s Leading Chinese Enrichment and Tuition Centre.

We offer a wide range of Chinese programmes and classes that cater to your child’s various Mandarin needs. For close to 30 years, Hua Language centre has developed and refined our own unique curriculum – we make the learning of Chinese fun and effective at the same time, through an understanding of brain science, child psychology, Chinese linguistics and exam-taking strategies.

Our Curriculum Director’s passion for Chinese and desire to help children master this increasingly useful language has driven Hua Language Centre to perfect our craft as your child’s partner in his or her Mandarin Language journey.


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