Playgroup Programme Highlights
18 months – 3 years old
1 hour 15 minutes
Curiosity Approach

Toddlers are curious little creatures raring to explore the world and absorb what they learn. Our curriculum appeals to their sense of curiosity through elements of suspense, explorative questions from the teacher and plot twists that tickle their funny bone.

Sensory Learning

We use different elements to engage your child’s senses and make lessons captivating: music and movement, tactile experiences, handicrafts, puppet plays, etc. We also include activities that refine gross and fine motor skills and hone social skills.

Let’s Speak Mandarin

The best way to pick up a language is when you need it. Our teachers are trained to optimise teachable moments and encourage children to speak Mandarin. The curriculum also adds new sentences steadily to your child’s language bank and build their sense for Chinese language structures.

Parent-Child Bonding

Spending quality lesson time with your child builds trust and rapport with your child as he explores and learns about the world. This helps them grow into emotionally stable and satisfied adults.

Why Pick Hua’s Playgroup Programme?
Crafted for Toddlers

Having worked with children of all ages since 1992, we understand what children need at each stage of development. For toddlers with a short attention span, we craft our lessons to be packed with captivating activities.

Chinese is Fun

We build the foundations of early bilingualism by helping children love the language at a young age. This makes all subsequent Chinese learning smoother, as the children actually enjoy their lessons.

Effective Learning

At this tender age, toddlers learn through exploring their environment with their senses. Our playgroup programme leans on this to transform fun moments into teaching moments your toddler will soak up like a sponge.

Passionate Teachers

Our passionate teachers have years of experience. All our teachers are native Mandarin speakers and are registered with MOE. They create a nurturing environment that encourages students to do their best.

Hear from our Students and Parents

Our children have been attending Hua Language Centre since 18 months old and they have benefitted so much! Hua Language teachers are well trained and dedicated, so the children love attending classes. Both the curriculum and educational pedagogy are effective and meaningful, such that my children have language mastery in spite of being in a predominantly English linguistic environment. As language is a window to culture, Hua Language has opened a whole new world for my children in terms of heritage and important values. We cannot be more grateful for that!

Parents of Jacob & Christopher Sia
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