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Our Playgroup class is an adult-accompanied programme which allows children to be exposed to Mandarin at a young age.

Learning weapon of choice: Interactive Play, Music & Movement, Handicraft.

Let’s Capture this Critical period for Language Acquisition

Scientific research shows that our brains are optimised for language acquisition between the ages of 6 months and 4 years old. Between the ages of 6 months to 18 months, most toddlers can only babble or say 1-syllable words. Our Playgroup programme starts from 18 months when toddlers are able to say 2-syllable-words because a structured programme is the most beneficial at this stage.

Sensory stimulation & Brain development

From 18 months to 3 years old, a child relies on his/her right brain to learn as left brain functions are not as developed at this age. Hence, sensory stimulation is a great way for children to learn and build neural connectivity. Our programme optimises language acquisition during this golden age through activities that stimulate your child’s senses and brain development. The activities we have planned for your child appeals to their curiosity, arouses their senses, encourages creativity, improves their dexterity and helps him/her build a sense for the Chinese language and how it is structured:

  • Interactive Play
  • Music & Movement (+ Parent-Child Bonding)
  • Knock! Knock! Magic Box
  • Handicraft (+ Parent-Child Bonding)
  • Story-Telling

Parent-Child bonding & Development of soft skills

As an added bonus, our Playgroup also facilitates parent-child bonding and the development of social skills:

a) Quality time with your child

Children who have a secure relationship attachment are able to feel happier, learn well, make friends, and manage their emotions. This helps them grow into emotionally stable and satisfied adults.

b) Interaction with other children

Research shows that between the ages of 2 and 3 is the best time for a child to learn social skills.  Our programme facilitates interaction with other children in class, allowing your child to pick up on social cues and learn to integrate into a mini society.


All of our preschool programmes are thematic in nature, with a new theme every term. We write our own songs and design our own teaching materials to ensure that children are fully immersed in the theme.

Learning weapon of choice: Songs, Games and Interactive Activities.

Our Preschool Chinese Classes can be divided into:

  • Foundation Chinese
  • Speech & Drama classes

Foundation Chinese

Our Preschool Foundation Chinese programme gears children up for Primary School Chinese by introducing them to words that they will encounter in Primary School.

K2 children will be taught the entire P1 Hanyu Pinyin school syllabus. Many children find Hanyu Pinyin difficult to grasp because it is an abstract and technical topic. Hence, we have developed a system using personification techniques to help children visualize and master Hanyu Pinyin.

Speech & Drama

Our Preschool Speech and Drama programme focuses more on listening, speaking and reading than our Preschool Foundation programme.


Our Primary School Programmes follow the Singapore Chinese syllabus closely. Whilst results are highly important to us, we do not believe in incessant drills. Instead, we seek to keep learning interesting to keep students motivated in learning Chinese.

Learning weapon of choice: Animated Powerpoints, Graphics & Mnemonics

Enrichment Chinese Programme

Our Enrichment Chinese Programme is a holistic programme, which covers all papers in the PSLE exam. It ensures that students master the vocabulary in the Singapore Chinese syllabus and teach students how to tackle each segment of the PSLE exam.

Special Focus Programmes

Our Special Focus programmes focus on a specific paper in the PSLE exam for students who want extra practice in that specific segment. The main elements are:
  • Oral component
  • Comprehension & Composition Writing

There is an extended class which combines the Enrichment Chinese Programme with the Oral, Comprehension and Composition writing Special Focus Programme.


Our Secondary School Programmes follow the Singapore Chinese syllabus closely. On top of mastering Chinese, we feel that it is also important to keep students abreast of current affairs and hone their analytical skills.

Learning weapon of choice: Mnemonics, Discussions and Exam Strategies & Techniques

Enrichment Chinese Programme

Our Enrichment Chinese Programme is a holistic programme, which covers all papers in the GCE O-Level exam. It ensures that students master the vocabulary in the Singapore Chinese syllabus and learn how to analyse exam questions.

Special Focus Programme

Comprehension and Composition Writing are the two segments that are the most difficult to excel in because they are the most open-ended and require higher-order thinking skills. The Comprehension and Composition Writing programme is for students who have already mastered the other segments and want to work exclusively on tackling these two segments.


Holiday Camps

Our Holiday Camp is a fun-filled, activity-packed way of exposing children to Chinese. We often see previous camp attendees dragging their parents in to register them for our camps – a welcomed reversal of roles, we say!

A different theme is selected for each camp so that children have the opportunity to learn vocabulary associated with that theme. The camps are also a great way to make friends as children bond with their fellow group members while collaborating in activities and battling other groups in games.

Learning weapon of choice: Excursions, Games & Hands-on Activities

Holiday Workshops

Our Holiday Workshops are academic in nature and are highly focused on achieving the task at hand. This task could be to master Hanyu Pinyin, prepare for the PSLE Oral Exam or prepare for the GCE O Level Chinese Exam.

Learning weapon of choice: Exam Strategies & Techniques


We believe that building children’s interest in Chinese is key so that they stay motivated to learn. Hence, our Chinese as a Foreign Language Programme is a thematic programme that teaches children Chinese through age-appropriate activities and role-playing of daily scenarios.

We also want to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture to ensure that they are “China-ready” later on in life.

Learning weapon of choice: Animated Powerpoints, Graphics, Mnemonics & Interactive Activities

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