Holiday Camps

Our Holiday Camp is a fun-filled, activity-packed way of exposing children to Chinese. We often see previous camp attendees dragging their parents in to register them for our camps – a welcomed reversal of roles, we say!

A different theme is selected for each camp so that children have the opportunity to learn vocabulary associated with that theme. The camps are also a great way to make friends as children bond with their fellow group members while collaborating in activities and battling other groups in games.

Learning weapon of choice:

Excursions, Games & Hands-on Activitie

Holiday Workshops

Our Holiday Workshops are academic in nature and are highly focused on achieving the task at hand. This task could be to master Hanyu Pinyin, prepare for the PSLE Oral Exam or prepare for the GCE O Level Chinese Exam.

Learning weapon of choice:

Exam Strategies & Techniques