Types of Holiday Programmes
Holiday Camps

Our story-based holiday camps are perfect for learning Mandarin through excursions, craft activities, quests and language games. For children who prefer more academic exposure during the camp, we have an Immersion Camp that offers Chinese Head Start Classes in the morning before going on their story-based adventure in the afternoon.

Chinese Head Start Programme

The Chinese Head Start Programme aims to give students a head start for next term's work. This allows students to learn ahead in a stress free environment and build their confidence in the subject. Having daily exposure to Mandarin also helps students to converse in Mandarin more fluently.

Special Focus Master Classes

Our special focus Master Classes focuses are intensive programmes that focus on a single topic that children tend to require special attention on. We have a 4-day Hanyu Pinyin Master Class that teaches children the A-Z of Hanyu Pinyin; and a Primary Chinese Oral Master Class that gives students ample practice with passage narration and video conversation.

PSLE Exam Prep Bootcamps

Gear up for your PSLE Chinese exams with our PSLE Exam Prep Bootcamps. Our bootcamps will help you revise commonly tested questions, master exam techniques, take mock exams and learn from common mistakes made by students. Let our 30 years of experience help you face the PSLE Exam with confidence!

Holiday Camp Highlights
5 - 12 years old
9.30am - 4.30pm daily
Story-based Camp

A new story that incorporates the camp itinerary is written for each camp so children can experience the host of activities and excursions lined up as the story unravels each day. Sometimes it's a detective story, sometimes it's a quest to help save a secret kingdom - we have an alluring story line in store that makes each camp magical!

Exciting Camp Itinerary

Holidays are a time to have fun and our holiday camps are filled with activities children enjoy! Children love going on excursions, challenging themselves with quests and games, and taking home crafts they can be proud of everyday. Parents often tell us that their kids talk fondly about their day at Huá's camp over dinner.

Expand your Chinese Vocabulary

Huá always strives to capitalise on any chance to teach children Mandarin while they are having fun. Teachers will teach new vocabulary children encounter in the story and design language games and challenges to consolidate what the children have learn. This is a great way to expand your child's vocabulary for their Oral exam, especially nouns which are common in everyday life but may not be in your school textbook.

Immerse in a Mandarin Environment

Help your child see the purpose of learning Mandarin! During the course of the camp, children learn to listen to activity instructions in Mandarin and be encouraged to ask for assistance in Mandarin. All of Huá's teachers are native Mandarin speakers whose master language is Chinese.

Academic Holiday Classes Highlights
Chinese Headstart Programme

Learn ahead for the next term in a more relaxed environment without the pressures of the school term. This 2 hour daily exposure to Mandarin will improve your confidence to speak Mandarin and acquire a better sense for the Chinese language. This programme is available for levels from N2 to P6.

Hanyu Pinyin Master Class

Many children find Hanyu Pinyin difficult to master because it is an abstract topic. Our tried and tested Hanyu Pinyin Master Class designed for K2 & P1 students uses personification techniques to help children understand the rules of Hanyu Pinyin. Children learn through rhymes and games to remember rules and differentiate between sounds they find confusing.

Oral & Comprehension Master Class

The Oral & Comprehension Master Class is for P4 & P5 students who would like more practice with video conversation, passage narration and comprehension exercises. We have teamed up with a professional production company to create videos in the PSLE Oral format on commonly tested exam topics. Learn vocabulary and useful phrases related to these exam topics so you can speak about them with ease.

PSLE Exam Prep Course

Let us accompany you on your last lap with our PSLE Exam Prep series. Our June holiday PSLE Oral Exam Prep Course and September holiday PSLE Paper 2 Prep Course feature mock exams, post mortem of mock exams, revision of commonly tested questions and a concise revision guidebook to facilitate your final revision.

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Huá is conveniently located in 4 shopping malls around the island – United Square (Novena), Parkway Parade (Marine Parade), Greenwich V (Seletar) and Causeway Point (Woodlands).

Hear from our Students and Parents

Hua Language Centre is a great place to start young children off in the Chinese language. Classes are always engaging and all the Teachers are friendly and kind. All my children enjoyed learning at Hua and it helped them cultivate an interest in the Chinese language from a young age.

Mother of Rei, Joanne and Joshua Tan

箐乐参加每周 HUA 华语七个月,进步飞速!HUA 华语的老师和蔼可亲,让孩子在游戏、音乐和舞蹈中自然地学习华语,值得推荐!

Mother of Lydia Du

My 2 children started attending lessons at Hua Language Centre since they were in preschool, right up to their O Levels. They literally grew up with the Centre.

I was confident to entrust my children with Hua, knowing that the teachers would do their utmost best to help them achieve excellent results in school. The materials provided by Hua are also of high standard. And over all those years, I have seen the commitment, dedicated effort and care of the teachers so much so that my children both scored A* in their PSLE Higher Chinese and As in their O Level exams. This to me was very significant since we do not speak Chinese at home.

From my children’s excellent performance in their National exams, I am grateful to Hua Language Centre. I strongly recommend Hua Language Centre to all pupils willing to work hard and grow with the teachers at the Centre to improve their Chinese Language.

Mother of David & Emily Yeo
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