Playgroup (Old)

Our Playgroup class is an adult-accompanied programme which allows children to be exposed to Mandarin at a young age.


Huá has programmes to help children begin their Chinese learning on a positive note. Our experiential teaching style makes the process fun for young minds so they don’t tire of the lessons or the language!

These are the years when a child picks up language the fastest, so we build the best foundation we can for our learners. Our programmes are specially catered for children from 18 months to 6 years old.

Playgroup levels:

Give your child early and engaging exposure to Chinese

Available for children from 18 months to 3 years old


We cover one topic per lesson, slowly exposing children to everyday themes in their lives. This helps them relate their learning to things around them.


We use different elements to help children learn and make lessons engaging: sensory play, music and movement, handicrafts, story-telling, etc. Some activities even refine gross and fine motor skills at the same time!


Lessons last for 1hr 15 mins, with the first 15 mins spent on warming up through songs and games. This supports parent-child bonding as well as student-to-student interaction. As a bonus, parents get equipped on how to reinforce learning and create teachable moments at home by observing what our educators do in class.

Preschool levels:

Lay a strong foundation for effective Chinese learning ahead

Available from N1 to K2 (3 to 6 years old)

Available from N1 to K2 (3 to 6 years old)

We delve into topics deeply, using one to two themes per term so students are exposed to more vocabulary and language elements within the topic. Our accompanying lesson materials support this by creating an immersive experience for students with each theme.


Our sensory activities are crafted to support and enhance the way students learn, including songs, games, and interactive activities. All of them are designed by our in-house teachers and highly experienced curriculum team. We use different elements to help children learn and make lessons engaging: interactive activities, music and movement, handicrafts, story-telling, revision through games, etc.

Our Foundation Chinese Programme covers a mix of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills based on our students’ age.


We build a strong foundation to prepare for Chinese in a formal school setting. For example, we introduce children to vocabulary found in primary school Chinese syllabus and words that pique their interest.

Teachers use various teaching techniques like personification and visualisation to help students understand technicalities.

By K2, children will be taught the entire P1 Hanyu Pinyin school syllabus, so they get early exposure to it for a stronger foundation.


读 Reading

说 Speaking

听 Listening





写 Writing











汉语拼音 Hanyu Pinyin

Why Pick Huá?

We have a superb track record. Over the past 30 years, our award-winning programme has helped thousands of students with Chinese language learning.

We build the foundations of early bilingualism by helping children love the language at a young age. This makes all subsequent Chinese learning smoother, as the children actually enjoy their lessons.

Our lessons at the preschool levels are designed to prime children for effective learning in primary school and beyond. We provide children with an early introduction to basic concepts in the Primary 1 syllabus.

Our passionate teachers have years of experience. All our teachers are native Mandarin speakers and are registered with MOE. They create a nurturing environment that encourages students to do their best.

Hear from our students and parents
Mother of Atiksh Vikram

My son enjoys his Chinese classes at Hua even though he does not come from a Chinese background. He has learnt to be more confident in both written and spoken Chinese since he joined from the past 4 years. The teachers and faculty at Hua continue to support and motivate him to excel, they also […]

Mother of Rei, Joanne and Joshua Tan
Preschool, Primary, Secondary

Hua Language Centre is a great place to start young children off in the Chinese language. Classes are always engaging and all the Teachers are friendly and kind. All my children enjoyed learning at Hua and it helped them cultivate an interest in the Chinese language from a young age.

Mother of Lydia Du

箐乐参加每周 HUA 华语七个月,进步飞速!HUA 华语的老师和蔼可亲,让孩子在游戏、音乐和舞蹈中自然地学习华语,值得推荐!

Mother of Oliver & Dylan
Preschool, Primary

Huá has been a God-send. My husband and I don’t have any live-in help at home so it is such a relief to know that both our children’s love and grasp of the Chinese language is being nurtured and encouraged in the best environment. Teachers really love and care for the children and my kids […]

Parents of Jacob & Christopher Sia
Playgroup, Preschool, Primary

Our children have been attending Hua Language Centre since 18 months old and they have benefitted so much! Hua Language teachers are well trained and dedicated, so the children love attending classes. Both the curriculum and educational pedagogy are effective and meaningful, such that my children have language mastery in spite of being in a […]

Mother of David & Emily Yeo
Preschool, Primary, Secondary

My 2 children started attending lessons at Hua Language Centre since they were in preschool, right up to their O Levels. They literally grew up with the Centre. I was confident to entrust my children with Hua, knowing that the teachers would do their utmost best to help them achieve excellent results in school. The […]

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