Preschool Programme Highlights
N1 - K2 children
1.5 hours (N) | 2 hours (K)
High Energy Classes Preschoolers Love

Self motivation is a powerful learning tool we want to leverage on. Our high energy classes incorporate upbeat songs with dance movements, interactive story telling sessions, mnemonic rhymes and language games to make learning Chinese fun for preschoolers. We make preschoolers love coming for class!

Curiosity Approach

Toddlers are curious little creatures raring to explore the world and absorb what they learn. Our curriculum appeals to their sense of curiosity through elements of suspense, explorative questions from the teacher and plot twists that tickle their funny bone.

Let’s Speak Mandarin

Preschoolers love sharing about things they like. Our teachers are trained to optimise teachable moments and encourage children to practice using new sentence structures taught while expanding their Chinese vocabulary.

Prepare for Primary School

Our curriculum is designed to build a sturdy Chinese foundation that will help your child enter primary school with confidence. Develop a sense for the Chinese language, learn to recognise and write Chinese characters in the MOE Chinese Curriculum and master Hanyu Pinyin the fun and effective way!

Why Pick Hua’s Preschool Programme?
Professionally Developed Curriculum

Founded by professional Chinese language educators in 1992, Huá's curriculum relies on academic research about child language acquisition to define focus areas for each age group. Huá understands how to build a sturdy foundation in Chinese so your child can enjoy a smoother language acquisition journey as they grow.

Chinese is Fun

We build the foundations of early bilingualism by helping children love the language at a young age. This transforms children into motivated learners who yearn to speak and master the Chinese language.

Primary School Ready

Besides introducing preschoolers to vocabulary in the MOE Primary School Chinese syllabus, our programmes also helps children master Hanyu Pinyin ahead of starting primary school. Many children find Hanyu Pinyin difficult as it can be abstract with many rules to remember. We employ teaching techniques like personification and visualisation to help children overcome their difficulties in learning Hanyu Pinyin.

Passionate Teachers

Our passionate teachers have years of experience. All our teachers are native Mandarin speakers and are registered with MOE. They create a nurturing environment that encourages students to do their best.

Hear from our Students and Parents


Father of Cassandra (K2) & Cheng

Before I enrolled my toddler to Hua Language Centre, she had 2x trial classes at other centre and she didn’t enjoy as much as she did here. No one speaks chinese in our family, so I want her to be the first one. I believe with starting young from N1 so she has good foundation when it’s time to enter primary school. I was surprised that she said she likes her Chinese class just after 2 sessions, one of the reasons I believe is because there’s music & dance that she loves. It is easier to absorb the lesson when you enjoy it. Since then she has been looking forward to go to her Sunday class 🙂

Mother of Gwenyth Edelweiss Chang

箐乐参加每周 HUA 华语七个月,进步飞速!HUA 华语的老师和蔼可亲,让孩子在游戏、音乐和舞蹈中自然地学习华语,值得推荐!

Mother of Lydia Du

Huá has been a God-send. My husband and I don’t have any live-in help at home so it is such a relief to know that both our children’s love and grasp of the Chinese language is being nurtured and encouraged in the best environment. Teachers really love and care for the children and my kids always come home happily from class and never have any trouble in school because Huá’s curriculum prepares them well, without too much pressure / homework. We are so thankful for Hua!

Mother of Oliver & Dylan
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