Primary Programme Highlights
7 – 12 years old
2 hours weekly
Holistic Curriculum

Our Chinese Enrichment Programme covers all segments examinable in the eventual PSLE Chinese exams. Our curriculum includes spelling tests, vocabulary exercises, comprehension, composition, passage narration, video conversation and listening comprehension exercises.

Interactive Powerpoints

Our lessons are conducted using interactive powerpoints so students have an engaging visual reference for their lesson. These powerpoints also include animated language games to make revision more interesting for students.

Oral & Paper 2 Mock Exams

Mock exams are an effective way to help build your child's confidence for their exams in school. Our Oral mock exams are recorded and we will send your child's mock exam recording to you so you can assist your child with revision at home. All our exams also come with post mortem sessions to explain your child's mistakes, highlight common pitfalls and share exam techniques.

Alternative OCC Programme Available

Besides our Chinese Enrichment Programme, we also have an Oral, Comprehension & Composition Programme that focuses only the mentioned topics. This programme is also 2 hours weekly and assumes prior mastery of textbook vocabulary so the teacher can help your child with other higher order segments of the curriculum.

Why Pick Hua’s Primary School Programme?
Curriculum by ex-MOE Specialist Inspector

Having worked with children of all ages since 1992, we understand what children need at each stage of development. Huá is co-founded by an ex-MOE Chinese Language Specialist Inspector who is also a prominent member of the Singapore Chinese literary scene. Our decades of experience gives us insight on what troubles learners and pay special attention to such topics.

Learning is Interesting

We believe in keeping learning interesting as self-motivation is a powerful catalyst for learning. For example, we pen our own whimsical short passages that use textbook vocabulary so that children can learn while enjoying their read. We also interactive games the help students revise in class.

Ample Oral Practice

It is difficult to get Oral Practice when you are in a large group in school as teachers do not have time to engage children one by one until it is time for the exams. Our curriculum places great emphasis on the various components of the oral exam and includes mock tests to prepare students for their school exams.

Dedicated & Trained Teachers

Our dedicated teachers have years of experience to make learning effective yet enjoyable. All our teachers are native Mandarin speakers and are registered with MOE. They are guided by ex-MOE teachers to assist students in overcoming topics they struggle to grasp in school.

Hear from our Students and Parents

My 3 boys have been with Hua since they were in preschool. Never once have I heard them complain about having to attend the classes so I know they must enjoy them a lot. I place importance on having a good mandarin foundation from young, and I can see that my kids have achieved that from the classes at Hua.

Mother of Kyle, Dean & Finn Cheam

Coming from a non-chinese speaking background, I was bit reluctant to let my children take Mandarin as a Mother Tongue. I got introduced to Hua language and enrolled my daughter. To my surprise she started picking up the language. Clearly shows the dedication and enthusiasm of Teachers and the curriculum they follow which totally synchronises well with the school curriculum. Thank you for all the endeavours.

Parents of Aavya, Aanya and Aaryan

My son enjoys his Chinese classes at Hua even though he does not come from a Chinese background.

He has learnt to be more confident in both written and spoken Chinese since he joined from the past 4 years.

The teachers and faculty at Hua continue to support and motivate him to excel, they also provide constant feedback on his areas of improvement for him to be able to continuously improve.

Hua has a very well structured curriculum which gives him a good framework and helps him easier to follow what is being taught in school.


Mother of Atiksh Vikram

Hua Language Centre is a great place to start young children off in the Chinese language. Classes are always engaging and all the Teachers are friendly and kind. All my children enjoyed learning at Hua and it helped them cultivate an interest in the Chinese language from a young age.

Mother of Rei, Joanne and Joshua Tan
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Huá is conveniently located in 4 shopping malls around the island – United Square (Novena), Parkway Parade (Marine Parade), Greenwich V (Seletar) and Causeway Point (Woodlands).

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