Hua Language Centre is your source for holistic Chinese tuition for secondary school that supports students’ learning. Our Chinese and Higher Chinese classes hone language skills while developing critical thinking at the same time.

Build a comprehensive Chinese foundation

Our programmes are for Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 students taking Chinese or Higher Chinese

Aligned with the MOE school syllabus

Our holistic programme covers all components in secondary-school Chinese and offers Chinese enrichment for 13, 14, 15, and 16-year-olds. We ensure students get regular practice with every component, with teachers guiding them in their areas of weakness.

Built to foster exam-readiness

Our teachers build hard skills for exam excellence, sharpening writing, comprehension, and orals in the language. Classes include targeted exercises and mock papers, as well as lessons on the most common language mistakes.

Immersive exposure to Chinese

Students get comfortable with the language through repeated exposure, with discussions of matters like current affairs in the lesson materials. Teachers train students to express themselves in Chinese in various situations.

Our Secondary School Enrichment Chinese Programme
  • A holistic programme that covers all components across all papers in GCE O-Level Chinese exams, including oral/listening, composition, comprehension, and more
  • Helps students with mastery of the syllabus and identifying the right answering technique to ace each exam.
  • Uses techniques such as mnemonics for better retention.
Why Pick Huá?

We have a superb track record. Over the past 30 years, our award-winning programme has helped thousands of students with Chinese language learning.

We build the foundations of early bilingualism by helping children love the language at a young age. This makes all subsequent Chinese learning smoother, as the children actually enjoy their lessons.

Our lessons at the preschool levels are designed to prime children for effective learning in primary school and beyond. We provide children with an early introduction to basic concepts in the Primary 1 syllabus.

Our passionate teachers have years of experience. All our teachers are native Mandarin speakers and are registered with MOE. They create a nurturing environment that encourages students to do their best.

Hear from our students and parents
Kezia Sin, Secondary 1 student
Preschool, Primary, Secondary

我到华语文中心上课前 , 在新加坡学校的小二年中考试时华文成绩不及格了!那时,我真的无法应付华文,甚至十分讨厌华文课。我来自澳洲,华文程度不太好,过去一直认为学华文是没用的。我第一次来到华时,其实我很害怕,觉得同学的华文成绩一定很好,他们一定会嘲笑我。我最大的问题是不了解老师说什么!可是,我上了几次华语文中心的课以后,就不再担心了。因为我那时的老师性格很温柔,我无法理解她的说话时,她就会英文给我解释。一年,两年,三年很快过去了。我的华文试卷从十七分提升到了八十五分。小六会考来临时,我非常紧张。但是,我考到了AL1,对华语文中心,我真的很感恩。

Mother of David & Emily Yeo
Preschool, Primary, Secondary

My 2 children started attending lessons at Hua Language Centre since they were in preschool, right up to their O Levels. They literally grew up with the Centre. I was confident to entrust my children with Hua, knowing that the teachers would do their utmost best to help them achieve excellent results in school. The […]

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